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Car type by bell-man


Thai-Taxi Version

A different Approach of Car Reservation

Recommend to choose a Car Type with ample space


Include & Payment

  • Driver, Vehicle, Gas, Toll  
    (only DMK Airport tollway - optional 80B)

  • Payment: To driver directly with Thai cash at your destination

Points to Note for the safe journey

  • During Fill up Gas (CNG, LPG)
    Please wait outside car for safety

  • No Smoking & No Alcoholic drinks in the vehicle 

Thai-Taxi by Bell-Man
New Car / Old Car

Years of All Vehicles : Just born - 10 years

All drivers have equal opportunity to get a job, and will provide safe and reliable service, regardless of the age of the vehicle

All drivers will try to provide the larger type of vehicles than that you requested, if there is no other user's requests

Other designated Requests :

Please leave a message when you book

If you want a New or specified car only. (price may be up)

"I want only New Fortuner car", "I want only Camry car"

If you need 2 more vehicles, 

Select 'Others' in car type and leave a message.

"I want 1 Van and 1 Economy car", "I need 2 Vans"


THAI-TAXI Version In Thailand

Economy Type

Thai-Taxi by Bell-Man

All Metered Taxis

All kind of Compact Cars

Limit : 3 passengers

2 medium + 1 small baggage

* Metered Taxi : There is a CNG Tank in the rear trunk space

Sedan Type

Thai-Taxi by Bell-Man

Bigger car than Economy type

Toyota Camry or similar type

Limit  : 3 Passengers

1 big + 2 small baggage

Family Type

Thai-Taxi by Bell-Man

Car type for a Family 

Toyota Innova or similar type

Limit  : 4 passengers

2 big + 3 small luggage


Thai-Taxi by Bell-Man

Van type for Small Group

Toyota Commuter or similar type

Limit : 9 seats + 4b + 4s luggage

Total Capacity : Max 1000 Kg


Thai-Taxi by Bell-Man

Deluxe Van for VIP

Hyundai H1 : 5-6 Seats

Commuter VIP Interior : 8 seats

Luggage : up to car model

VIP car

Please Leave a message with car model name in Booking Form

Thai-Taxi by Bell-Man

On your demands

BMW, Mercedes-Benz Level

Leave your message 

with car model 


Toyota Commuter VIP Interior : 8 seats

Please Leave a message with "I want VIP VAN" in Booking Form

Thai-Taxi VIP Van
Thai-Taxi VIP Van
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